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      Who We Are

      北京順鑫建筑規劃設計研究院有限公司前身為北京中翰國際建筑設計有限 司,成立于 1989 年,具有建設部頒發的建筑工程設計甲級資質,2001 年通過 ISO9001 質量體系認證,是北京市高新技術企業單位,是中國綠色產業研究院單 位。公司于 2014 年經改制重組成為北京順鑫集團旗下控股公司。

      Why Choose Us

      順鑫建設致力于打造國內一流的集勘查設計、建筑施工、項目管理為一體的 建筑服務商,并創新形成了集規劃、設計、建造、融資、運營于一體的經營模式。 經過多年發展,公司已形成以北京總部為核心、輻射周邊省份的全國多點分部的 發展格局,并在河北、河南、山東、陜西、內蒙古、云南、青海、甘肅等地建立 了分支機構。目前,公司的設計業務遍布國內各大城市,涉及賓館酒店、商業設 施、部隊建設、公寓住宅、辦公樓、工業園區、衛生醫療、文化教育等各個領域,

      “It was an absolute pleasure to work with ArchiArch on the SML project. The team took the time to understand us and our unique requirements in a collaborative manner, and was able to translate this into a cost effective building design which really captured the ethos of what we wanted to do.” Black White, WMG, University of Virginia,

      How We Work

      公司主要從事建筑設計、規劃設計、景觀設計、室內設計四大板塊業務,現有各類設計人員 300 余人,其中包括國家一級注冊建筑師、國家一級注冊結構工程師等各類專業技術 人員共計 200 余人。

      Integral to our business is a culture of social responsibility where all employees are obliged and trained in the execution of our work and general conduct to respect one another, our clients, the users of our projects and the general public. Led by our HR Manager, we have a dedicated Welfare Team that is responsible for promoting and implementing our ethics.

      Environmental Management System

      Our Environmental Management System (EMS) is ISO 14001 accredited and builds on our previous policies and initiatives to coordinate a structured method of setting targets, objectives and realistic programmes for environmental awareness and understanding. Split into two main parts—Office Activities and Office Projects—it acts as an overall guide to the way our practice will continue to achieve its long-standing reputation for our commitment to running a low- impact office, minimising our own personal carbon footprints and designing sustainable master plans and buildings.

      In 2008 we signed up to the Islington Sustainable Energy Partnership (ISEP) commitment to reduce our carbon footprint by 40% by 2020. In 2013 we won the ISEP’s Carbon Reduction Awards having reduced our carbon footprint by 47% since signing up to the commitment.

      In 2012 we made the WRAP commitment to halve waste to landfill. To see all our projects with exceptional sustainability features view these in our projects section.

      Quality Assurance

      We have held ISO 9001 Quality Assurance accreditation since 2004. We carry out three levels of internal project review: Quality Audit—where we carry out a detailed review at each design stage to check our project procedures and standard systems are in place and implemented effectively.

      Design Review—where we hold a wide ranging design assessment at each design stage to ensure the design is of the highest quality possible and delivering what our clients require. Technical Review—where we carry out an in-depth technical review of drawing information and specification at pre-tender stage to ensure they are coordinated and consistent.

      Every year we invite our clients to take part in an independent customer satisfaction survey to provide candid feedback on every aspect of our service. We have consistently scored very highly in these surveys. There are two aspects of Health and Safety for us as designers and constructors; the health and safety of our teams and the health, safety and well-being of collaborators, users and the general public in design. For the former we have our Health & Safety Policy; for the latter we have our CDM Practice Policy. We have been accredited with the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) since 2009.


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